Interesting little snippets of the digital media team for Obama during the elections in 2012 from Jonathan Alter.

Did Hipster Tech Really Save the Obama Campaign?


In an age of Big Data everywhere, the 2012 American election both party geared up with the best techies, data analysts and digital marketers. But it was not the tech that made the most difference. Instead of outsourcing or modifying already existing application techs tried to build everything in house. Techs had estimated a workable product by 2016.  There was clear friction between the techs and the rest of the team. The digital analysts and marketers pick it up much of the slack. I certainly remembered the many meme that went viral and the Barack Obama tumblr.

8191317327_5180e95d98_z            the president is not impressed

Most important for the Obama geek squad was Facbook and the use to target individuals in swing states.  The highly effective mobilisation of votes through Facebook was also looked in a more academic setting in a paper made that September by James Fowler.