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 OB-VW934_silvio_G_20130107073915Honk honk Italy, Silvio is back. European Pressphoto agency.

Never count Mr. Berlusconi when it comes to politics in Italy is what we have learned this week.  Although not a glorious return to his immunity prime ministerial days, and poling at only 19%, his newly formed allies at the Northern League party has made it clear, Mr Berlusconi will be the lowly minister of finance.  I wonder what it says about Mr. Farrage UKIP leader here in the UK who according to the latest polls at 16%.

Not surprisingly enough Der Spiegel wrote a scathing indictment of Berlusconi past and his future chances in Italian politics. Der Spiegel is one of many voices in the media not enthusiastic about Berlusconi return. Grilfriend in a coma, an Italian film ,which is the named after The Smith song is one many films that were brutal invective against Berlusconi. It is propitiously is showing at The Frontline Club this Friday. The most noted one in recent years is Vidoecracy lambasting Berlusconi and the tight hold on he has on the Italian media. Unsurprisingly enough was not allowed to be shown by the Italian network that Berlusconi controls.

Although Italians corruption is commonplace and permeates many institutions such as politics and football, pain of austerity has changed the public. Polling in extremely low figures Berlusconi hasn’t given up his chances, although most opinions do not believe he will be elected. It is not Berlusconi improbable victory that is important but the effect he will have if his party picks up senate places as well as the infighting between him and Monti. The daily attacks between Monti and Berlusconi has left the center left coalition with what seems to be an easy victory. A win for the center left coalition will mean another EU country going against austerity measures. The real joke in this election is not if the five-star movement lead by the comedian Beppe Grillo wins but Berlusconi.